Root canal procedure is an alternative option to extraction.  It involves removing all dead pulp tissues that died from trauma to the tooth or chronic exposure of the pulp chamber to dental caries.


The tooth will no longer be painful, and surrounding tissues and bone can heal after a successful root canal therapy.  

Depending on the amount of healthy tooth left, a core buildup or a post with core buildup may be also necessary prior to placing a full coverage crown to prevent the tooth from fracturing.


Sometimes, when the infection is severe and the anatomy of the root is not favorable with root canal therapy alone. In such cases, when a minor surgical procedure (Apecoectomy) may be indicated.


Root canal therapy can, and do fail, usually within the first year. 


If you return regularly for exam and follow-up to monitor the treatment and as directed and the treatment should fail during the first year, it will be retreated at no extra-charge.


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