Periodontitis is an incurable, the most serious inflammatory gum disease.  Aggressive bacteria irreversibly destroy the supporting bone and gum tissues, leading to early tooth-loss.

The first step of treatment is scaling and root planing with an adjunctive oral antibiotics. The goal is to stop the disease progression so you can keep the teeth for as long as possible.

At advanced stage, further treatments will be required: bone graft and guided tissue regeneration or pocket elimination surgery.

Continued good home care and professional gum maintenance cleaning every three month are necessary to prevent relapse.

Some people are more vulnerable than others:

  • Poor home care.


  • Family history.


  • No professional check up and cleaning for a long time.


  • Smoking, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, HIV, Bruxism.


  • Obesity, Age, Poor Nutrition, Constant Stress.


  • Hormonal changes from pregnancy, birth control pills, steroids, blood pressure medications.


  • Sharing eating utensils or tooth brushes, kissing the spouse or partner who has untreated periodontitis.




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