Implant Restorations

When your implant surgery is completed and healed, you are half-way through the treatment of replacing missing tooth/teeth.


Dr. Young restores the implant to the stage where you can finally use it to eat, talk, laugh, and function normal again every day.

The stage of implant restoration has two parts:


*Placement of an abutment (this connects the implant crown to the implant surgically placed inside your jaw. 


*Placement of all-ceramic or metal-fused-to-porcelain, or plain metal crown (whatever material you decide upon) on the abutment.  The crown can be screwed in or cemented-as a crown on a natural root does.



Another use for dental implants is to make a more secured dentures for those who have lost all the teeth.  In such case, a few number of implants, such as 2 implants in each upper or lower arch, can be used to have the dentures connected to the implants.  With implant-retained dentures, it is easier to talk, eat, and socialize than a traditional denture which relies solely on the suction to the tissues (on the upper arch) and/or denture glue.


And the best part? No one will have to know you are wearing dentures!  Call and make an appointment to see if you are a good match for implant procedures.


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