Composite bonding is a type of dental procedure that had been in use for many years.

* Composites are made up of nano resin plastic particles.
* They come in different shades to match the teeth or whitened the teeth.
* They are soft and pliant so your dentist could sculpt the material to match different natural tooth shapes.
* They are held onto the teeth with a special bond or glue.
* A special visible blue light called curing light is shined onto the composite to make a hard shell, protecting the natural tooth.
* Your dentist will polish the composite so that the shine will make the bonded tooth look natural and life-like.
* This cost about 75% less expensive than porcelain crowns and ceramic veneers.






  • Composite materials can turn dark, especially where the tooth and the material meet. Plaque and tartar will easily accumulate around the margins.


  • A new decay can develope at the margins.


  • Composite bonding can chip or break just like your natural teeth if you eat very hard food such as nuts or ice. Do not use youe teeth, natural or bonded, for things such as opening beer bottles or chewing on pens or ice cubes.


  • As with all your other natural teeth, composite bonded teeth needs to be brushed thoroughly and flossed once a day. 


  • See your dentist for periodic check-ups and cleaning every 6-month so that any unfavorable changes can be caught early on before tooth is damaged more.






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