October 11, 2017


Whether you are a guy or a gal, young or old, we all have our daily personal routine before heading out the door every day. For guys, it might be a matter of shaving and choosing shirts and ties, for many gals it might be what color rouge and lip stick to wear, foundation or no foundation. Regardless, everyone will agree that all of us agree on washing face, brushing teeth, showering as our most basic daily routines.


One would think we have leisurely enough time to go through our most basic routine every day. But the reality is we have so many other things requiring our attention that make us forget to put ourself first. 


I get many mothers reporting their concern for the way their son or daughter brush or floss. It is commonly seen that even adults will sometime skip brushing their morning tooth-brushing routine if they wake up late and have to choose dressing vs brushing.


My solution is:


1. Keep an extra tooth brush in the car (and in the bedroom and living room or other rooms that you spend most of your times in the evenings.) Brush whenever youre at long traffic light or in traffic jam, or on the way to your destination until you reach there or laying in bed or watching TV. Hopefully, you get time longer than 2 minutes. You dont need a tooth paste during the drive, especially since you cannot spit out while in the car. A spin brush, such as Arm and Hammer or Crest, will work even better, because it rotates around your teeth and gums without you making a conscious effort. (Disclaimer: Not recommended if you can not multi-task or are in a rush.)



2. For flossing, I keep a floss every room in the house: bathrooms, bedrooms, dining room, livingroom. You never know when your mood will strilke and ypur hands are going to be free.  And lets face it. Who has the time to floss once every day?  So, when I do get to floss, I repeat my flossing with two or three more new pieces of the floss to make up for the days I don't get to it.  Better than no flossing at all.


3. For dental visits, I make the next cleaning visit when I check out of the dentist. They always send you reminders 5 days ahead-at least my office does-so any schedule changes could be adjusted with plenty of time. In order for this to work, you have to make sure you give your dentist current and correct phone, email, and address. There are many dentist offices that still send out trasitional post card reminders. If you wait until a reminder comes to make an appointment, you will be further behind with your cleaning visits.


There are a lot of ways of getting a beautiful smile now: Bleaching teeth, Veneers, Bonding with tooth color fillings, Invisalign, and so on.


However the basics never get replaced. Brush in the morning and night; floss once at bed time, see your dentist and denatl hygienist every 6 months.


I hope some of these tips are useful.

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