For the caring that CONTINUES after office hours!
For the caring that CONTINUES after office hours! 

Flossing Once A Day Really Keeps Your Smile Shining for Days!

You've heard of an old saying: "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away."


With teeth, followings will keep your periodic dental visits very pleasant:

* Brush morning and night with a soft-bristle tooth brush (either a manual or an automated brush)

* Floss once a day before bedtime brushing. Use a floss about 12 inches long to floss every teeth while moving the floss to an unused area.  It will work best if you use four separate floss for each quadrant of your mouth.  . Use a mirror to see if your floss is properly positioned during flossing so you don't accidentally cut your gums.

* Visit your dentist regularly for professional check-up and cleaning.  If every 6 month is difficult to do, make sure you go at least once a year like medical check-ups. This allows the dentist to discover any abnormality beginning and can prevent it from becoming a huge problem.

Prevention: Keeping teeth healthy

During every check-up visit, Dr. Young will personally clean your teeth, examine your mouth and relevant X-Rays to detect problems like tooth decay at an early stage.   Dr. Young likes to approach the early stage caries with non-surgical methods first. Her philosophy? The healthiest tooth in your mouth is the tooth that has been untouched by caries or a dentist's drill. A tooth that has been drillied and filled will be committed to be repeatedly repaired and replaced for the rest of the tooth's life.


If you already have restorations in your mouth, there is still a way to preventive further deterioration by continued good home care of your gums and teeth:  brush before bed time and floss once a day at bed time.  Dr. Young will take special care of existing dental work and any implants or prostheses you may have during your regular check-up visits.That way you and your children  will always be happy with your teeth.

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