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A crown (cap) is one of the most important investment one can make.  A crown is a recommended treatment for a tooth with following situations:

1.            The tooth has just received root canal therapy

2.            The tooth has a significant crack to cause persistent sensitivity

3.            The tooth had lost most of its tooth structures to decay so that it cannot be restored with a routine filling successfully.

4.            You have an implant that is now ready to be restored for function and esthetic.

Consequences of Non-treatment:

In the situation 1, 2, and 3 listed above, an alternative of no treatment will be the loss of a tooth, which can be even more expensive in terms of health, money, time, and ultimately, affects one's quality of life.

In situation 4 listed above where a crown restoration is necessary is when an implant has been placed in a missing tooth area.  In this case, without an abutment (in a natural tooth, it is referred to as post and core) and a crown, the implant will be useless.


A crown (cap) is made by removing the enamel and a portion of the dentin of your tooth. (A bridge is a series of two or more crowns permanently joined together.) 

In certain situations, post and core may be needed prior to preparing the tooth for crown and bridge.  The function of post and core is to replace the missing tooth structure that support the crown, or bridge.


Local anesthesia will be given for comfort during the procedure.  An interim (temporary) crown or bridge will be made to protect the tooth  while the permanent crown is being fabricated by the independent American dental laboratories. This usually takes 10-14 days.

There are 3 basic types of materials of choice for crown or bridge :

1.            All metal crown or bridge

2.            Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown or bridge

3.            All ceramic single unit crown


The next step is shade selection for the crown.  As you will be the one to make the final decision on the shade of porcelain, you will get to see a few range of closest shades that matches your smile.  Once the permanent crown has been made, any changes to porcelain shade and the type of metal cannot be changed without additional cost to remake

Insurance plan may pay for only one of the above, or all of the above, especially if it is a pre-molar or a molar tooth.  If you wanted the type that is not considered a 'covered benefit' you will be responsible for the full cost.  You would have been already informed of your share of the treatment cost prior to the procedure

Patient's Responsibilities:

Dentistry is about not only health, but also beauty.  Both the dentist and the patient must work together to  achieve he best results. You as a patient, has followings responsibilities:

A)           While wearing a temporary crown or bridge, eat soft diet and avoid bone, beans, bread, and chewing gum. 

B)            If the interim crown or bridge should come loose, you must contact the treating dentist right away to be seen before your next scheduled crown appointment.

C)            Keep the area cleaned to prevent caries development during the treatment and after the crown is delivered.

D)           Return promptly for the appointed visits to have the permanent crown or bridge inserted.  Prolonged wait to insert the final crown or bridge and cause changes that will cost you additional time and cost to repeat the procedure.

E)             Keeping periodic check-up and cleaning at least every 6 month.

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