For the caring that CONTINUES after office hours!
For the caring that CONTINUES after office hours! 

Dental Emergencies or Routine Visits


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Dental emergencies are very unpleasant and inconvenient to your daily functions.


Don't suffer another minute of being in pain! You can get rid of tooth pain completely unlike with other body pain. You may even be able to save your tooth with root canal therapy, post and core, with crown.


But the longer you wait, the less chance you have of saving your tooth. Then your only option left will be to extract the tooth.  Losing too many teeth over time can affect your ability to enjoy your favorite food. Your teeth can shift to a stage where your bite and TMJ can begin feeling pain.


The cost can be also very expensive once you develop tooth ache.  The best way to save money and live without pain is prevention.  


Do set up check-up and cleanings regularly at 6 months interval.  Or at least once a year.  If you have cavities, they will be diagnose early and can be restored with fillings such as amalgam silver fillings or resin plastic fillings. In some cases, early detection of cavities can be reversed without having to drill the tooth. 


Don't delay! Call or fill out the contact form to get your appointment now. To assist with the cost of your dental treatment, go to the promotion page for saving coupons.

Young Family Dentistry, LLC

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We are proud to announce that Dr. Catherine O. Young, DDS was awarded the 2015 Dentistry Plainfield Patients' Choice Award.
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Call us at:

908 205-8755 908 205-8755


Young Family Dentistry, LLC

819 Park Ave

Plainfield, NJ 07060


Use our contact form to get in touch.

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