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Children's teeth (baby teeth or primary teeth) are equally important as adult's teeth (permanent teeth.)



Children should be seen by dentist as early as one-year old or as soon as their baby teeth start erupting. 






  • Wash with a soft cloth or a wet gauze after feeding the baby. New teeth can get cavities. When more than two teeth are in the mouth, you can start using a soft tooth brush and tooth paste without fluoride.


  • Do not give the baby the food in the same spoon that you use to test the temperature of the food. Use a new spoon. Cavities causing bacteria can get transferred by using the same spoon. 


  • If you give your baby bottled water, or your community water does not have fluoride, you can get fluoride supplements from your pediatrician. Both primary and permanent teeth are still developing  in children until around age 12-13. Having the recommended amount of fluoride iron in their food or water will ensure that the enamel get fluoride incorporated and strengthen the enamel health.

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