Oral surgery procedure is one of the dental surgery procedures  that is performed routinely in dental office.  It is commonly referred to as tooth extraction.



There are a number of reasons why dentists suggest tooth extraction:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth. Patients suffering pain from a wisdom tooth that has not grown in properly are good candidates for a wisdom tooth extraction.  If a wisdom tooth does not grow in straight or completely, it can cause severe pain from the surrounding gum inflammation, the cavities developed from constant presence of food and bacteria trapped by the impacted wisdom tooth.
  • Extensive tooth decay.  If a tooth has decayed to the point where it is beyond repair by a filling or by a root canal therapy and a crown, the dentist will recommend tooth extraction.  Leaving extensively damaged tooth from such tooth decay will allow the bad bacteria and the tooth decay to spread to other good teeth in the mouth.
  • Broken or fractured teeth.  A tooth can break or frature severely from prolong untreatred tooth-decay or from traumatic accidents, such as motor vehicle accident or a fist-fight. In cases like these, the dentist will recommend the oral surgery procedure of tooth extraction. Leaving broken or fractured teeth can cause severe pain during eating, sleeping, and dental infection that can lead to hospitalization.
  • Blockage of permanent teeth. Dentists usually recommand tooth extraction if there is a primary (baby) tooth that has not fallen out to make room for the permanent tooth to grow into its place. Not extracting the over-retained baby tooth can have an overall undesirable esthetic effect and lead to incorrect bite relationship with the rest of the teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment. If you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment for teeth correction, such as braces or other smile perfecting methods, and there is a severe overcrowding of the teeth present, your dentist will recommend an extraction of certain teeth. This will make room for your teeth to shift properly into place.




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