The most fundamental dental care all of us need is routine check-ups and (prophy) preventive cleanings. These help prevent, or catch periodontal gum disease or cavities. 


Our teeth need regular professional exam and cleaning just as we need our physical check-ups, manicure and pedicure appointments, hair appointments, and physical fitness sessions at the gym.


Even without a dental benefit plan purchased from a dental insurance company, dental check-ups and preventive cleanings twice a year will cost about the same or less than the total cost of hair, manicures, pedicures, and gym membership together. On the other hand, if this routine dental care is ignored, the cost to dental care becomes very expensive in hundreds and thousands of dollars.





A regular or routine cleaning (known in dentistry as prophylaxis cleaning) involves cleaning off plaque, tartar, and stains that may be affecting your teeth above the gums.

* Plaque is a thin, soft and sticky film made of millions of bacteria that build up on your teeth.  These bacteria are responsible for producing the acids that can cause cavities if left untreated.  Proper dental care at home as well as professional teeth cleaning regularly with your dentist can reduce your chances of developing these cavities.
* Tartar, also known as calculus, is another form of plaque that did not get removed during every day brushing, and soon became hardened. Yellowish substance that looks rough and porous on your lower front teeth, where it is most visible, can lead

 to receding gums or gum disease.  The dentist will be able to remove any tartar found on your teeth during the routine cleaning with special tools.
* Stains are discolorations that can build up on your teeth between each professional teeth cleaning. It may come from the every day food you may be eating or drinking, including drinks such as coffee, cola, and soda. Stains can also be caused by tobacco if you are a smoker




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