• Using all available diagnostic tools, accurately diagnose the dental problem of each individual patient.
  • Formulate the best treatment to save the tooth based on the clinical diagnosis, prognosis, and the patient’s budget.
  • Without prejudice or judgement, present a full range of different treatment options from the most basic and economical to the more advanced, but can also be expensive, treatment options from which the patient can choose autonomously after discussing with his or her family away from my dental office.
  • Collaborate with the best dental and medical speciality colleagues of the same values and ethics, whenever needed, to help the patients achieve a healthy mouth and maintain for the rest of their life.

Dental Emergencies:


Broken tooth

Broken dentures

Crowns and fillings that came off the tooth

Tooth abscess

Swelling of face and neck

 Trauma or a blow to face and jaw with a strong force



Keeping Tracked of Your Dental Care:


Adults, prevent cavities and PERIODONTAL GUM DISEASE that leads to early tooth loss, safe, professional TEETH BLEACHING for youthful smile that takes years off the face in an hour, salvage the tooth that may seem hopeless at the first glance with ROOT CANAL TREATMENT and PORCELAIN CROWN that cannot be told apart from the natural tooth,  REPLACE MISSING TEETH to smile and speak again without embarrassment,  correct the crooked, crowded teeth with traditional orthodontics, correct gum recession with soft-tissue graft without taking from one's own mouth.


Children, prevent CHILDHOOD CARIES, give happier mental status to children by treating present cavities without needles and drilling the teeth, intervene abnormal bone and tissue development that affect tooth-eruption patterns, subtle changes that could be prevented early to grow up with naturally beautiful and healthy smiles, and formation of bad oral habits such as thumb-sucking



Exclusive Perks for YOU



Exceptional attention and CARE




and crowns with warranty



Exclusive individual's appointments






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